Summer Parks Project

Using analysis and intelligence based information gathering five parks/green spaces have been identified as historic, repeat locations for anti-social behaviour over the warmer months.

These are as follows:
• Great Moor Park, Great Moor.
• Torkington Park, Hazel Grove.
• Tangshutt fields, Gotherage Lane, Romiley.
• Marple Memorial Park, Marple.
• Woodbank Park, Offerton.

The project aims to deliver a joint approach of enforcement and support to make these locations safer and more enjoyable for the wider community.

Focused patrols by the Police, Stockport Council’s Community Safety, Stockport Youth Offending Service and MOSAIC (young person’s drug and alcohol service) teams will take place each Friday evening for a 9-week period up to Friday 13th September.

Immediate enforcement action will be taken against individuals who are behaving in an anti-social manner and not using the areas appropriately. This may lead to longer term action including referrals to partner agencies, restorative justice and anti-social behaviour enforcement action.

Advice, guidance and support in terms of dealing with anti-social behaviour and any other aspects of community safety will also be offered to park users during the patrols.

The project also provides dedicated diversionary activities and Life Leisure sports trainers are being provided to encourage young people to use and enjoy the green spaces appropriately.

The environmental improvement aspect of the project will look to address ‘grot spots’ and crime prevention issues. The Council is working with Stockport Probation to deliver improvements in the areas. This will include area crime prevention work, improved signage and ‘clean-up’ events. Community participation will be encouraged in the ‘clean-up’ events to be held in all five locations.

Community members and local voluntary groups will also be encouraged to report information, incidents and crimes at the earliest opportunity to prevent issues escalating.

Councillor Mark Weldon, Stockport Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Corporate, Customer and Community Services, said: “We will continue to work closely with partner agencies to reduce anti-social behaviour by targeting offenders and at the same time supporting local initiatives to provide appropriate activities for young people.”

Chief Inspector Leon Jacobs from Greater Manchester Police, said: “This initiative is really important to ensure that members of the public can enjoy Stockport’s green spaces and I would see this project as an ideal template to use across the borough of Stockport.”