Reducing Being a Victim of Burglary

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is calling on communities to be vigilant and take responsibility for their home’s security.

One in three burglaries happen to homes that are insecure and it is more important than ever that the public do everything in their power to warn off thieves.

Police are also encouraging the public to keep their homes safe this winter using simple security tips, these are:

  • Use mortice locks on external doors and consider using split spindle locks on front doors.
  • Alarms and lights used in the right way can be a huge deterrent to burglars looking to target properties that have easy access.
  • Police recommend using a quality household alarm that protects all external doors and downstairs rooms and should be used when leaving the house and going to bed.
  • Light timers should also be used if you are going to be out of the house when it is dark.
  • External security lighting, shed alarms, window shock alarms and door chimes can be used as an extra deterrent.

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