Neighbourhood Watch Helps Reduce Crime

The Safer Stockport Partnership (SSP) is supporting Neighbourhood Watch Week as part of its ‘Safer in Stockport’ initiative to ensure crime continues to fall in the borough for the 9th consecutive year.

The SSP, which includes Stockport Council and the Police, is always looking to build positive relationships with the community to reduce crime and schemes like Neighbourhood Watch have been very valuable.

Councillor Mark Weldon, Stockport Council’s Executive Member for Supporting Communities, said: “It’s really positive that crime has fallen for the 8th consecutive year in Stockport and we are determined to reduce crime even further for the 9th year in a row.

“Neighbourhood Watch allows the Council and Police to communicate directly with residents and provide them with information about how to protect themselves and their property. I would encourage residents not currently signed up to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to get involved.”

To celebrate Neighbourhood Watch Week (15th to 24th June) the SSP is offering residents involved in the scheme the opportunity to sign up to Ringmaster, a new crime prevention tool.

The Ringmaster is a computerised communication system run by the SSP. The system offers residents, Neighbourhood Watch schemes, businesses and partner organisations crime reduction information and notification  of crimes, incidents and events in their local area.

The service is free and everyone who signs up can receive messages by email, text or phone.

Stockport Police, Chief Superintendent Chris Sykes said: “Ringmaster is an exciting opportunity to use new technology to update our communities and keep them informed of latest crime trends and community safety information.

“Neighbourhood Watch schemes have had considerable success at reducing crime and antisocial behaviour and we really want to bring that message home to people. It’s one of the most active ways residents can tackle the issues that affect the community most and improve the quality of life for everyone. Police rely on help from Neighbourhood Watch members to get out crime prevention messages and make people aware of recent crime trends. Members are instrumental in providing police with information on suspicious and criminal activity.

“The benefits are immeasurable and setting up your own scheme can also reduce the cost of your home insurance so we recommend people contact their local officers to day to find out more.”

Edward Clough, a Stockport Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator said: “At Victoria Neighbourhood Watch we have followed a very traditional approach using meetings, newsletters and alerts to communicate with our members.  We have experimented with a number of electronic methods including a website, email, Facebook and Twitter as methods of communicating in a more timely manner.

“Not only will Ringmaster help Victoria Neighbourhood Watch, we are sure that this will provide a communication method that will encourage others to start their own schemes and reap the benefits that having an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme can bring.”