Bike Crush Launches Safer in Stockport Summer Campaign

The Safer Stockport Partnership (SSP), which includes Stockport Council and Greater Manchester Police, launched a month long campaign aimed at reducing crime and anti-social behaviour across Stockport.

The ‘Safer in Stockport’ initiative was launched with an off-road motorcycle crushing event on Friday 2nd August at Tesco’s Car Park Tiviot Way, Stockport.

Approximately 30 motorcycles which had been seized by Greater Manchester Police were crushed at the event. These motorcycles had all been confiscated under Police powers for being driven illegally on public roads, for causing damage to public spaces and for creating nuisance to residents.

The public event was attended by members of Stockport Council, Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue, partner agencies, councillors and members of the public.

Councillor Sue Derbyshire, Leader of Stockport Council said: “The SSP are working in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and its partners to show residents that Off-Road motorcycles are dangerous and cause a lot of noise and disruption to others. This event will hopefully show members of the public that you can have a motorcycle as long as you ride it legally and in a safe way.”

Chief Superintendent Chris Sykes, Greater Manchester Police Borough Commander, for Stockport said: “This event shows local residents that the SSP will not accept any form of anti-social behaviour and sends a clear message to people who illegally ride these motorcycles. Illegally riding these motorcycles causes alarm and distress to other residents and this will not be tolerated in Stockport.”

This event marked the launch of the ‘Safer in Stockport’ campaign which will involve a series of initiatives to provide the public with the information they need to protect themselves from criminal and anti-social behaviour during the holiday period.

The four key themes of the initiative are as follows:

• Reducing Anti-Social Behaviour
• Improving Home Safety
• Healthy Holidaying
• Respect For Others