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The Safer Stockport Partnership Plan 2018 / 2021 (PDF 2.8Mb) outlines our key strategic priorities for the next 3 years. It will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the priorities remain fit for purpose.  For each of the priority themes, it sets out a high level annual plan of key multi-agency activity and interventions to address priority issues.

The plan is central to the delivery of the Stockport Partnership’s 5-year Borough Plan, helping to create safe and resilient communities.  The plan focuses on the people and places most at risk of community safety problems in line with the inclusive vision of the borough plan. It is committed to developing place-based approaches to dealing with local issues working with communities and across organisations.

The Partnership has identified the following priority areas for action in relation to its priorities:



Priority Themes Priority Areas for Action
Public Safety and Protection • anti-social behaviour
• crime
• locations/hotspots
Protecting Vulnerable People • missing from home or care
• domestic abuse
• child sexual exploitation
• drugs and alcohol
• hate crime
• complex safeguarding (including modern slavery, human trafficking, FGM and honour-based violence)
Serious and Organised Crime • organised crime groups
• young people at risk of involvement in serious and organised crime
Transforming Justice • adult offending and reoffending
• youth offending and reoffending
• victims
Strategic Priorities • radicalisation and extremism
• shared intelligence



The Greater Manchester Police and Crime Plan 2018-21, ‘Standing Together’ has three priorities that will be delivered across Greater Manchester, including Stockport:

  1. keeping people safe
  2. reducing harm and offending
  3. strengthening communities and places

Our plan takes account of the ‘Standing Together’ Plan and our work is closely aligned to this whilst recognising what is distinct about Stockport.

Key information about community safety in Stockport
The Safer Stockport Partnership Plan 2018 / 2021 is based on the findings and recommendations of Stockport’s Community Safety Strategic Assessment 2016/17.

Highlights emerging from the community safety strategic assessment:

  • overall crime levels in Stockport have risen at a similar rate to crime levels across Greater Manchester (GM) since 2014. 23% increase in Stockport; 24% increase in GM. This reflects an increase in the conversion rate from incident to crime rather than an increase in incident volume
  • levels of public order offences (106%), violence without injury (64%), other sexual offences (52%), theft from the person (52%) and miscellaneous crimes against society (51%) have increased most markedly over the 3 years. More recently there has been a significant increase in burglary (12 months to July ’17)
  • levels of anti-social behaviour (ASB) have increased by 4.8% since 2014. Whilst this level remains lower than GM and nationally, the rising trend in Stockport contrasts with a declining trend in GM and England
  • reports of missing children are increasing in Stockport and 41% of these children are repeatedly going missing. There is a greater awareness and targeting of these children reflected in this increase. However, missing children remain a key safeguarding concern overlapping and interdependent with other areas of safeguarding concern such as incidents of child sexual exploitation (94% are missing children), organised crime gangs, domestic abuse and drug and alcohol abuse
  • the central locality continues to be Stockport’s most vulnerable location with around 20% of all crime and ASB incidents as well as a high proportion of domestic abuse and hate incidents. Over a third of all crime, ASB and hate incidents in central occur in the town centre

Find out more about Stockport’s Community Safety Strategic Assessment Headlines.

Associated strategies and action plans
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