In October 2014 new legislation was introduced across England and Wales known as the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. This legislation allows local authorities to apply for new orders and one of those is a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

A PSPO is used to deal with particular nuisance or problems in a designated area that has become detrimental to the local community and is interfering with their right to a decent quality of life.

The PSPO effectively imposes restrictions on activities and behaviour in the designated area which apply to everyone who wishes to enter and use that area.

The intention of the PSPO is to ensure law abiding citizens can use and enjoy public spaces in Stockport without fear of experiencing anti-social behaviour or other specified behaviour that is forbidden by the PSPO.

Enforcement and Penalties

The PSPO provides additional powers and options to officers and police when faced with such problems as described above. The PSPO will be enforced by both the police and officers from Stockport Council who have the authority to issue penalty notices for a minimum fine of £90 per offence.

Additionally should a penalty notice not be appropriate, upon summary conviction a fine can be imposed by a Magistrates court to a maximum of £1000.

Consultation Questionnaire

The proposal is to impose a PSPO across the borough of Stockport which has been affected by a certain form of anti-social behaviour and a consultation process is now open.

If you wish to have your say on the consultation please download the PSPO consultation questionnaire (PDF 203Kb) or complete the consultation online to submit your observations to be considered as part of the legal process.

You can also view a map of the proposed PSPO area map (PDF 3.34Mb).

The closing date to complete the questionnaire is Sunday 12th February 2017

For more information on the PSPO consultation, please call 0161 474 3143.