The Safer Stockport Partnership (SSP), which includes Stockport Council, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue service, is making a stance against off-road bikes.

Working in partnership, the SSP is making Stockport residents aware that it is illegal to ride a motorcycle of any description on land that is not a public road without the permission of the land owner.

Additionally, off-road motorcycles are generally not taxed or insured for road use, and riders tend not to wear helmets or protective clothing.

If an off-road bike is spotted, residents should provide the following:

  • Description of who is riding the bike.
  • Where the bike is being used.
  • When is it being used (time of day e.g. evening, daytime, weekend).
  • Details about the vehicle (e.g. make, model, colour).
  • Who owns the vehicle (if known).
  • Where the bike is being stored or address

Councillor Shan Alexander, Stockport Council’s Executive Member for Safe & Resilient Communities, said: “The issue of off-road bikes as a whole is a problem across Stockport, and we are urging Stockport residents to help us tackle this by providing information if they spot an off-road bike.”

Leon Jacobs, Chief Inspector from Greater Manchester Police, said: “We are working in partnership to address the issue of off-road bikes as we know these bikes cause a lot of noise and distress and we are using all tools and powers to help combat this.”

For more information, please contact the Community Safety Unit on 0161 474 3143.